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Peak Design Capture Clip with Pro Pad

By now, you can probably tell that I am a big fan of innovation and technology.

This has me constantly scouring the internet for items that help make my photographic life better. I frequent websites such as Kickstarter and Indiegogo. It was on one such website that I discovered the Capture Pro and the Peak Design team behind it.

Not only do they have the Capture Pro camera retention devices that allow me to be moving around with my cameras secure onto my body WHILE allowing me to mount directly onto my tripod–they also have different types of straps that affect every facet of my photography.

Versatile camera straps for freedom of movement and snug when I need it? That’s my SLIDE.

Strap for when I’d like to improve stability while hand holding? That’s the CLUTCH.

Peak Design SlideThe next one, CUFF, is amazingly useful for a use case that I don’t think Peak Design intended. I think they intended the CUFF to be used for fastening your camera to your wrist. Instead, I use it for tethering to my cameras to my tripods as insurance for my sometimes-loose arca swiss Peak Design Cuffclamps. Rather than have a camera crashing down to the ground, it swings down while still being attached to my tripod.

I’ve been using their stuff for over a year and their products have made it around the world with me, from the desert to the sub-arctic circle. It has never failed on me. In fact, the only issue I’ve had was a weird flaking on one of my Capture device. But their customer service is friendly and swift.

Not that you’d have an issue with the Peak Design quality. The stuff is crafted beautifully. Everything from textures to materials selected.  To Peak Design’s  designer, a heartfelt thank you.

Your stuff is badass.

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