New Moon coming up…

Get your tripods and caffeine ready!

Join me this summer at one of my desert workshops where we’ll learn how to capture the milky way and stars.

Give me a call for scheduling.


2 thoughts on “New Moon coming up…”

  1. Hi Spencer,

    I’ve been referred to you by the ‘Sony Alpha A7 Series Cameras’ FaceBook Forum.

    My question is what lens do you recommend for astrophotography work on the A7Rii?

    Thanking you in anticipation,

    1. Good question. I suggest a good wide angle lens with a lens hood. One that I recommend is the Sony Zeiss 16-35 FE f4 lens. It is sharp and easy to manually focus (which you will be doing lots of with astrophotography). The reason I bring up the lens hood is because light that can come from beside or behind the camera can introduce unwanted glare. This is especially a concern when you do astrophotography with others, or are near a road where cars would pass by. A lens hood can circumvent that.

      An article I wrote brings up additional things to consider in astrophotography: Alpha Universe: Shooting for the Stars

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